Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting rid of redlines in eclipse c++ with Makefile project

I created a new eclipse project for c++, using an existing makefile. The project sources built without error when I hit build (it ran the makefile, no errors). But eclipse listed hundreds of errors in its "errors" panel and my code was covered in redlines. None of the standard suggestions worked, such as adding /usr/include to Paths and Symbols. Finally I discovered the Preprocessor Include Paths dialog. Click on the Providers tabby-thing, and select the radio buttons shown below.
The other thing I realized is that if you have  a large code base, the eclipse code indexing simply craps out, usually with an OutOfMemoryException. We have 1500 C++ files in our code base and thousands of headers. The indexer would hang Eclipse every time. Therefore, under Paths And Symbols > Source Location, I select only the current source directory I am working on, vs selecting the entire source root. No more redlines. Yeah.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A new post after a long hiatus

It's been years since i posted on this blog. The reason I stopped is that Google was erroneously flagging this blog as a security risk. This happened because I was posting cross-domain AJAX code and widgets directly into my blog and sidebar, using Even after methodically removing them all (which ruined some cool elements of my blog), Google still refused to correct the classification of this blog. This really irked me and I said "to heck with". After many years I took another look at my dormant blog, and I see Google is no longer flagging. Well, maybe I will start posting again here.