Saturday, October 23, 2010

Data Storm

This morning's project was installing a Davis Vantage Pro weather station. It's really an amazing piece of equipment. It logs windspeed and direction, solar radiation, and dozens of other variabls. It even has a rain collector. The data comes off the unit in real-time, and is transmitted to a nice LCD console that shows graphs, weather forecasts etc. I hope to log enough data on sun and wind in order to make a determination as to whether solar panels or wind power will be my best alterative energy source. I'm also interested in quantifying just how bizarre the microclimate of western san francisco actually is. How many days is it foggy? What time does the fog typically roll in or out in a given month? With a bit of free time, I hope to be able to load the data into nextdb to create a detailed data history. 

 I'm already getting some valuable siting data on windspeed. There are several interesting vertical-axis helical wind-power generators that might be appropriate. Hmmm.

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