Friday, June 26, 2015

First reaction to Akka

Akka looks awesome. But never have I seen a more overdocumented framework. Every piece of docs is an exposition. Way too hard to find hello world. Most people today don't read docs top to bottom. We google "build akka" ...and we find this:

Any mention here of Maven being supported? Not that I saw. So I spent a while thinking I had to learn SBT. Then I found this page, which right at the top shows how to build with maven:

But...WTF...the pom.xml they ship with doesn't include a connection to their repo! Have to add this:
Next we try to run some akka bins: ghendrey-mbp:akka-2.3.11 ghendrey$ ./bin/akka-cluster -bash: ./bin/akka-cluster: /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory 

(yup, every bin script is borked with windows line returns and won't run)


So how about we pop off the stack and try another approach:
 ...Follow the instructions..."
ghendrey-mbp:NetBeansProjects ghendrey$ cd akka/akka-tutorials/akka-tutorial-first
-bash: cd: akka/akka-tutorials/akka-tutorial-first: No such file or directory 
So after fixing the line breaks, fixing pom.xml, finding the right docs, finally hello world runs. Yeah. Now I try a more complex example.
Does it work?? NOPE. Exception spray:


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