Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mashup Camp 2008

Tomorrow is Mashup Camp! I'm excited about this year's Mashup Camp because I think there is going to be a lot of activity around trying to figure out how to fuse mashups with Cloud Computing. And that, of course, is exactly where has a sweet spot. NextDB is fundamentally a mashable relational database in the cloud. What does that mean for the programmer? It means NextDB is the ONLY relational database that you can securely mashup, without have to write ANY serverside code.

So check this out. I added this "guest book" to my blog to keep track of folks I meet at Mashup Camp. This guestbook is a Mashup with, which makes it a nice little example of a database mashup between NextDB and Originally, Brent wrote this guestbook as an example for our talk at ajaxworld. I just went to his page, grabbed the html, js, and css and threw them into my blog. The only tricky part was that's editor didn't like newline characters in the HTML and CSS. So I just saved them in a file without newlines, and pasted them back to my blog. Go ahead and sign in below, and watch the AJAX goodness! Here is a link to the JavaScript that the guestbook sources. Rather than use the nasty editor at (and its associated issues with spaces), I just uploaded the js file to Project Path, which is a nifty collaboration site that allows file hosting.

Mashup Camp Guestbook
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