Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steve's Feedback on our UI

lots of issues with the "new user" concept. First time someone signs in have obvious links to getting started guide, creating a sample database, etc.

"import" has too much meaning to db guys. Make it say "create a sample database from template" WITH data.

"must match regex in" in tablename is not a good error message for invalid table names.

Suggested "nextdb for SQL database programmers".

Wants to know how to create the primary key.

Some kind of wizard to drive first time users.

tooltips on tabs with check box for "never show this again"

consider changing the query language parameter names and datatype names to 'human friendly' equivalents.

Steve would like to be able to set the default value.

wants to be able to use camel case in column names

relation name should be "relationship name". It also upper cases it.

show lines connecting related tables as an option.

thought he could not enter a query without having data.

did not like the interface for adding data.

wants a "data editor" tab along the top (loads table names along left hand side)

wants column types to be in parentheses.

Steve wants to be able to store HTML and edit it with a foldout editor. I want permalinks to the HTML and JS.

Great idea

trouble executing query with join

no way to relate rows

wants excel spreadsheet

wants a way to get his data out.

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