Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"You wouldn't want a mashup for your bank account."

I am watching the opening panel discussion at Mashup Camp. Hart Rossman, CTO at SAIC just said "You wouldn't want a mashup for your bank account."

That really struck a chord because it captures the inadequacy with today's mashup security model. In fact, building a banking system on NextDB is sort of the logical extent of where the NextDB SURID technology can go.

Another interesting statement from one of the panelists:

"SLAs can't be that strong because you can't have really strong remedies."
I agree.

"you're not going to get a new CRM system out of a mashup."

I disagree. Once the database is secure and mashable, the entire application software development lifecycle can be handled by mashups.

The proverbial Map Mashup came up again as a proof point for time savings.

"when the users become the developers, they are doing what they want to do, not what IT wants to do"

The discussion briefly touched on whether or not Amazon Web Services (S3) constitutes a mashup. That's really a point that requires discussion. Once you realize that Amazon Web Services is not Mashable, due to its "web 1.0 security model", you find yourself somewhat dissapointed.

"where we run into a real challenge is in converting the mashup mentality into the largescale systems engineering skillset. You don't see a lot of folks puting a large ampount of skill and discipline into building the backend." paraphrasing what he said later: We're going to see things going in that direction though, and it will drive Mashups into the enterprise.

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