Monday, December 08, 2008

Database feeds

I had an idea today that boils down to "RSS for Databases". I was inspired by the very geeky act of "server log watching". Basically, whenever you bring up a cool new database app, you wind up watching the logs just to get a blow-by-blow on what your users are doing. Now, obviously log watching is boring, and requires you to be logged in or ssh'd into the server. Why not apply the same "feeds" to the actual data in the database that we use to follow our favorite blogs or news sites? Obviously some filters would be required to avoid a torrent of data in the feed, but that's all do-able. I'm pretty excited about adding RSS Feeds as a native feature for NextDB database tables. I will probably work on it this weekend. At the moment I'm addicted to screwing with a new widget design in Adobe Fireworks.

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